D2L Brightspace: Set-up Follett ACCESS links in your course


What is Follett ACCESS? How do I set-up links in my D2L Brightspace course to provide student access to eBooks and other materials/activities?

What is Follett ACCESS?

Follett ACCESS is digital textbook program through the official University bookstore.

  • When faculty adopt the Follett ACCESS program for their courses, students pay a fee to the University as part of their course registration, rather than paying for textbooks and materials another way.
  • Faculty then set-up links in their D2L Brightspace courses to provide access to the digital textbooks and other course materials/activities.

How do I set-up Follett ACCESS in D2L Brightspace?

To set-up links for Follett ACCESS, there are 3 possibilities. The option you will use depends on the textbook publisher and materials you have adopted:

  1. Courseware: If you are using a digital textbook, as well as course materials, learning activities, quizzes, etc. from a publisher, you will use your publisher links to provide access for students. You will only set-up your relevant publisher links in your course. Some examples:
    • Cengage MindTap, WebAssign, CengageNowv2, Owlv
    • McGraw Hill
    • Sage
    • Wiley
    • WW Norton
    • ...or other publisher links that may be available in D2L Brightspace! (Note: Pearson products are a special case, see below.)
  2. eBook: If you are only using a digital textbook with the Follett ACCESS program, you will use the:
    • BryteWave: This is a link to Follett ACCESS BryteWave eReader which provides access to your students.
  3. Pearson: If you are using Pearson products such as MyLab and Revel, you will set up both Pearson links and BryteWave links:
    • BryteWave: This link is needed for students to obtain their Pearson access code.
    • Pearson: These links are needed for students to access their MyLab and Revel materials.

Notes: For assistance with publisher courseware set-up, please contact your publisher representative. Follett ACCESS BryteWave eReader is a version of a product called RedShelf.

Set-up eBook access with BryteWave

If your course is using a Follett ACCESS eBook, provide access to the digital textbook in your D2L Brightspace with BryteWave:

  1. Navigate to the Content module you wish to add the eBook link to.
  2. Click the Existing Activities button.
  3. Click the BryteWave link.
  4. Select My Shelf.
  5. Click Create Link.
  6. A link titled "BryteWave Course Materials" will be automatically added to the module.

Add BryteWave link to course by selecting My Self and click add link


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