D2L Brightspace: Find a Student Who Has Disappeared From a Class


Did a student enrolled in one of my D2L Brightspace courses withdraw from it? Why did a student disappear from my D2L Brightspace course?


If a student officially withdraws from a course in eServices, they will automatically be unenrolled from the course in D2L Brightspace.

When a failing grade of F is posted in eServices, a student may also be unenrolled from the course in D2L Brightspace. This article addresses these questions:

  1. How do I view the withdrawn students' grade book?
  2. How do I restore the students' grade book, quiz attempts, assignment submissions, etc... to the course?

How do I view who has withdrawn/was unenrolled from my course and how do I view the grades of that student?

1. Navigate to the course offering in D2L Brightspace.

2. Click the Communications menu in the horizontal course navbar.

3. Click Classlist.

4. Locate the Enrollment Statistics button at the top of the page.

5. Click Enrollment Statistics.

6. Scroll down below the table to view the list of students who have withdrawn or been unenrolled from the course.

7. Click the arrow next to the student's name.

8. Click View Grades.

9. You will now see that student's grade book.


How do I view the submissions, quizzes, etc... of a student who has withdrawn from a course?

If a student needs access to any files they've submitted or faculty need to review quiz responses, for example, faculty can request manual re-enrollment. Re-enrollment will restore the grade book, assignments, quizzes, etc... of the student. Follow these steps to request enrollment:

  1. Submit a ticket by emailing itsolutionscenter@mnsu.edu
  2. Indicate that you Request manual Student enrollment in a D2L course to restore grade book, assignments, quizzes, etc....
  3. Include the Student Name and Star ID or Tech ID.
  4. Include the course name, number, section, semester, and web address/URL of the D2L Brightspace course to re-enroll the Student in.


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