FlexSync Classroom: Join Meeting Without Audio


How do I join a zoom meeting without audio in a FlexSync Classroom? 


A frequent issue people encounter while teaching from a FlexSync Classroom is that they want to be able to have the Zoom meeting open on their laptop in addition to being connected using the FlexSync Classroom system. This is possible and recommended if you want to do things like participate in chat, or control Breakout Rooms.

When doing this be sure to join the meeting without joining audio, so you do not create feedback or echo issues. Some people try to stop the feedback loop by muting the volume on their laptop, which partially solves the issue, but this solution does not address the microphone of your laptop being on, and causing your voice to be played through the rooms speakers.


An easier solution is to join the Zoom meeting from your laptop without joining audio.

  1. Decline to join audio when joining the meeting
  • Typically, when joining a Zoom meeting, you will be prompted to join audio with a dialogue box. If so, select close on the box

  1.  You may be prompted a second time to verify. If so, select Continue


  1. Leave Audio if already connected
  • If your audio is already connected, or automatically connects, then do the following to leave audio
  • In the Zoom control bar, select the up arrow next to the microphone icon, then select Leave Computer Audio


  1. If you want your computer to prompt you to join audio each time you join a Zoom meeting so you can decide each meeting whether you want to join audio or not, turn off automatic joining in Zoom Audio Settings
  2. Open Settings, then select Audio, then clear the selection for Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting

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