D2L Brightspace: Set-up the bookstore First Day® links in your course

What is First Day®?

First Day® is a digital course material program by Barnes & Noble College - our campus bookstore.

How do I set-up First Day® in my course?

The set-up varies for each faculty. It depends on your course and textbook.

Everyone Set-up

Everyone participating in the program must add the First Day® link in their course:

Set-up the First Day® Link

Why? Students are automatically opted-in to the program with registration. Adding the First Day link assures students can choose to opt-out of the course materials fee charged by Barnes & Noble if they choose. If the course is only using a digital textbook, students will also access their textbook through this link.

Merged/grouped courses in D2L Brightspace

If your courses using First Day® are merged or grouped together in D2L Brightspace - you'll need to complete this step first:

Set-up First Day® in Grouped/Merged Courses

Why? Barnes & Noble needs to specially sync your merged/grouped D2L Brightspace course with their First Day software to assure the opt-in/opt-out and access works as expected for students.

Publisher links

If your course is using publisher courseware such as quizzes or interactive book activities, you will need to set-up publisher link(s) in your course as well.

This means you will have at least two links in your course, one for First Day® and another for access to the publisher courseware activities.

These are some of the publishers that offer courseware:

  • Cengage MindTap, WebAssign, CengageNowv2, Owlv (Note: Cengage Unlimited is not available through First Day®)
  • McGraw Hill
  • Pearson
  • Sage
  • Wiley
  • WW Norton

Why? Students need the First Day® link to be able to opt out of participation in the Barnes & Noble College program if they chose. Students also need publisher link(s) to access their course content through that publisher if you are using material from Cengage, McGraw Hill, and others.

Fix a Known Issue: No materials associated

If you click the First Day® link in our D2L Brightspace course and see a message: "You currently have no materials associated with this course," take the following actions:

  • Take a screen shot of your course in the web browser - assure your screen shot includes the course web address/URL, or copy the web address of your D2L Brightspace course.
  • Email the screen shot to the campus bookstore manager at janine.haslach@mnsu.edu - Barnes & Noble will then fix the issue on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Browse the FAQs below to get answers to common questions.

How do I get help with setting-up First Day® in my course?

  • Contact our campus bookstore for questions about the First Day® program.
  • Contact your publisher representative directly for questions about setting-up publisher material links in your course.
  • Contact IT Solutions for technical support with your D2L Brightspace course.

Is there a demonstration of how to set-up these links? Can I get a tutorial video on this?

This captioned webinar recording (21:54 minutes) goes through the steps to set-up First Day® links in D2L Brightspace:

Webinar on First Day® Set-up in D2L Brightspace (21:54 minutes)

What do students see when they click the First Day® link? How do students opt out?

This captioned video (3:39 minutes) from Barnes & Noble College demonstrates what students see when clicking the First Day® link in a D2L Brightspace course:

Student Get Started Video (3:39 minutes)

How is First Day® different from publisher course materials?

First Day® program bills students for their textbook and course materials through a fee directly added to their university bill/financial aid - rather than paying a publisher or bookstore directly.

Can I still use a publisher's digital activities like quizzes?

Yes, you can still use publisher courseware for quizzes and other learning activities. For select publishers you will need to set up at least two links:

  • First Day® link to facilitate participation in the program and
  • Publisher link(s) to access the courseware digital activities.

Please contact your publisher representative directly for assistance with setting-up publisher courseware links in your course.


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