D2L Brightspace: Submit a request for third-party software integration


  • My publisher says their software integrates with D2L, how do I make that work?
  • The online workbook I use says it does "grade sync" to D2L grades, how can I set that up?
  • How do I request a publisher integration with D2L Brightspace?
  • The publisher I work with says my students can have a single click sign on from D2L - how does that work?


Faculty can submit a request for Third-Party/Publisher Software Integration with D2L Brightspace in the following way:

  1. Submit a request by sending an email to itsolutionscenter@mnsu.edu.
  2. Enter the subject line: Request for D2L Brightspace Integration Set-up
  3. Include the following information in the request (please include as much information as you can to speed the process):
    • Product Information:
      • Name of the Third Party Publisher Software or Product
      • Website of the Third Party Publisher Software
    • Contact Information:
      • Name, Phone and/or Email of Representative who can coordinate or negotiate license/legal agreement terms
      • Name, Phone and/or Email of Technical Representative who can answer questions about the integration with D2L
    • Documentation:
      • Attach any D2L Brightspace integration documentation or guide provided by the publisher to the email (this might be a link to a webpage)
      • Attach an editable Word document of the end user license agreement for Third Party Publisher Software use.

Note: Integration requests take 2-3 weeks to several months depending on the time of year, projects already in the queue, responsiveness of third party representatives, etc… and some requests are not possible due to legal, security, or data privacy reasons.

About Third Party Software Integration within D2L Brightspace:

There are a variety of Third Party Software that have learning tool integrations (LTIs) with D2L Brightspace. These integrations allow single click sign on, grade book sync, and linking items to Content, among other possible features.

Each integration undergoes a  screening process prior to implementation in any MinnState instance of D2L Brightspace. This assures that the end user agreement and contract language, security, and privacy of the software meets our system standards for security and privacy. 

This process could take 2-3 weeks to several months depending on the time of year, projects already in the queue, responsiveness of third party representatives, etc...

Each MinnState institution, including Minnesota State University, Mankato can choose which Third Part Publisher Software integrations they would like to have available to their faculty.

The process to fulfill an integration request is as follows:

  1. Faculty submit a request to IT Solutions (see instructions above).
  2. The D2L campus admin reviews and submits the request to MinnState D2L Brightspace support (security, privacy, and functionality review) and Office of General counsel (legal review).
  3. MinnState reviews the request, creates documentation on the specifications, and screens for privacy and security of the third party software. 
  4. Office of General Counsel will negotiate end user agreements as needed and obtain signatures from the third party software company and the University on the end user license agreement. 
  5. MinnState lets the campus admin know the review is complete and provides documentation and recommendations for use. 
  6. The site admin requests approval of the integration from our campus approver, providing the documentation from MinnState.
  7. The campus approver reviews the documentation and risk level of the integration and approves (or not) the integration.
  8. If approved, the approval is forwarded to MinnState and they complete the configuration.
  9. When the configuration is complete, any campus level set-up and testing, knowledge articles, and/or communication with the customer is completed.


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