MavAPPS has no apps or showing old app


I am getting an error message the application can't open and is showing last years applications.  How can I get this working?  My MavAPPS is showing a white screen and no apps.  What do I do?


There appears to be a bug in the current version of either the Citrix Workspace or the current version of the software that offers the applications on MavAPPS.  You just need to force a refresh of the applications within the Citrix Workspace application.

Old Applications:

Old MavAPPS applications


  1. Open the Citrix Workspace application.
    • citrix workspace icon and label
    • Note:  See one of the MavAPP articles for Windows, Mac, or Chromebook to find out how to open the application if you don't know how.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.
    • Gear Icon
  3. Select Refresh Apps.
    • Refresh Apps menu
  4. If you are prompted please enter your starid and password.
    • Note:  If you aren't prompted you should be able to skip to the last step.
  5. Click on Log On.
    • Log on box
  6. All the applications that are available to you should be displayed.
    • New Applications


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