Connect to VIA Wireless in a Classroom


How do I present wirelessly in classrooms



  • Before beginning, be sure you’ve downloaded the Kramer VIA app and installed it on your device.
  • Mac users: VIA App
  • Windows users: VIA App
  • The above links will download the latest version of the Kramer VIA software
  • Mobile devices and tablets search for the VIAapp on the devices’ app store



1. Assure you are logged into the eduroam Wi-Fi network.

2. Tap the Crestron control panel on the presentation station to “wake up” the display.

3. Select Wireless as the Sources option.

4. Note the information for Room Name and Code now displaying on the projector screen. You can also enter the Room Name in any web browser to download the VIA application.

5. Open the VIA app on your device.

6. In the Enter Room Name text box, enter the Room Name number code displaying on your screen.

7. Click the magnifying glass search icon.

8. Then click Join next to the room to continue.

9. Enter the four-digit Room Code that is displaying in the text box. Click Join.

10. Click the Present option on the control panel. You will see your screen is now mirrored on the projector display.

11. If you would like audio presented as well, allow audio access by clicking Yes to send audio.




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