D2L Brightspace: Create a Holistic Rubric


How do I create a Holistic Rubric?


  1. Click the Assessments menu in the navbar.
  2. Click Rubrics.
  3. Click New Rubric.
  4. Enter a Name for your rubric.
  5. From the Type menu select Holistic rubric.
  • Holistic: Holistic, single criterion rubrics (one-dimensional) are used to assess participants' overall achievement on an activity or item based on overall description of achievement levels.
  1. Choose the Scoring option. Points is the default option.
  • No Score: Levels are indicated by text only (e.g., "Exceeds", "Meets", "Does Not Yet Meet", etc.). No numerical values are associated with levels. 
  • Percentage: Levels use percentage values (e.g., "Exceeds (100%)", "Meets (75%)", etc).

Holistic rubric default in d2l

  1. By default, there will be 4 Levels (rows):
  • To add Rubric levels, click the + Add new level before button or + Add new levels after button
  • To delete Rubric levels, click the trash can icon next to the level

Modifying a holistic rubric in d2l

  1. Add a description of each criterion Level.
  2. Click to expand Options, and customize the following:
  • Rubric Visibility
  • Score Visibility
  • Description
  • Advanced Availability
  1. In the top right corner, assure the auto-save status displays Saved and the rubric status is Published.

Rubric status says saved and published

  1. Click Close to finish creating your rubric.


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