D2L Brightspace: Can't send email from Classlist

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I get an error when trying to send an email from Classlist to my students. How can I email my class outside of D2L Brightspace?


If you encounter an issue when attempting to email your Classlist in D2L Brightspace, you can use these steps to send an email via MavMail:

  1. Login to MavMail on a web browser.
  2. Click New Mail button.
  3. In BCC type the following to search for your class section: "MNSU-SemesterYear-CourseCode-SectionNumber" (Example: MNSU-Fall23-ETHN-101-01)
  4. If needed, click Search Directory.
  5. Click the course section email list to add it to the BCC field.
  6. Repeat steps 3. - 5. until you have entered all of the course section(s) you wish to email.
  7. Enter a subject and content, click Send when ready.

Note: Using the BCC field assures that your students will not be able to reply all to the class. This may help avoid accidental sharing of private correspondence.

MavMail Email list for class section search


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