D2L Brightspace: Remove Courses


I am not using my D2L Brightspace independent study courses this semester, how do I remove them? How do I hide courses in my account? 


To remove semester courses from your account: 

  1. Log in to D2L Brightspace with your Star ID credentials.
  2. On the homepage navbar, click the Instructor Resources menu. If you do not see Instructor Resource, please contact IT Solutions. 
  3. Click Merge/Group/Remove courses.
  4. The Brightspace Courses app will open. Note: You may need to sign in with your MavMail credentials or click "Fix connection" to log back in to the app.
  5. Click the My Courses button. Then search, filter, or browse to locate the course(s) you wish to remove.
  6. Check the box to the right of the course(s) you wish to remove. 
  7. Click the Remove/Restore button.
  8. Confirm by typing "remove" in the textbox, then click the Remove from Brightspace button. Your course will be inactivated and hidden automatically in your account in a few minutes. 

Notes: This article is only for faculty users of D2L Brightspace. This only applies to University semester courses, to remove a development course, etc. contact IT Solutions. You can follow these same steps to restore a removed course.



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