D2L Brightspace: Emergency Course Access - Administrators or other non-instructional staff.

In the event that an administrator, dean, or employee needs access to a course created by another faculty member for non-instructional purposes, please follow the steps below in order for IT Solutions to receive approval to give permissions to access the course and content.

To request access to a faculty member's D2L Brightspace course shell:

  1. The Department Chair should make a request to the Dean of their college with the information for the request.
  2. The Dean will contact  Human Resources and give permission to an individual or individuals to grant access to a D2L Brightspace Course.
  3. Human Resources will evaluate the situation and once approved, they will make the permissions request to IT Solutions.

If a substitute instructor needs emergency access to a past or current semester-based course for instructional purposes, please see the article D2L Brightspace: Emergency Instructor Course Access

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