Upgrade PC to Windows 11

If you’ve run the Windows Tech Checker and confirmed that your device meets the requirements for Windows 11, you’re all set to upgrade. Please ensure you’ve backed up your bookmarks and files before you begin, as a precaution. Although we’ve experienced no data loss in our testing, it’s always best to be safe. The upgrade process is estimated to take around 2 hours if you are on campus, longer if you are off campus.. If you have any concerns or prefer assistance, the IT Solutions Center is here to help.


1. Open Software Center on your device. You can type "Software Center" in the search. Or, you can open the Apps list and find it there.

2. Once Software Center is open. Select the Operating Systems options in the column on the left.

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3. You should see "Windows 11 Upgrade". Select that option.

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4. On the next page there will be a purple "Install" button. Select that.

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5. A message will pop up confirming that you want to begin the install.  If you want to continue click "Install"

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6. The install will begin and show a progress bar on your desktop.

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*The computer may restart multiple times during this process. You won’t need to log back in until the entire update is completed.*

7. When it is completed it will restart one more time and go to the login screen. 

8. You can login with your StarID and password as you normally would. 

**The first login may take a few minutes to complete.** 

9. You can verify the upgrade was successful by opening up Software Center and looking at the Windows 11 Upgrade. The status should say "Installed"

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