D2L Brightspace: Accessibility Checker


What is the Accessibility Checker in D2L Brightspace? What does the Accessibility Check do?


When creating content in any text box editor, the Accessibility Checker ensures that your content is accessible to students who use screen readers and/or can benefit from accessible content. Learn even more about the different aspects of the Accessibility Checker, how to use it, and more ways to create accessible content in D2L Brightspace.

To use the Accessibility Checker:

  1. Edit any web page, announcement, or other text box in D2L Brightspace.
  2. Locate the Accessibility Checker button in the text box, it looks like an eye with a check box underneath it.
  3. Note if you do note see the checker icon, try these steps:
    1. Click the more actions button in the menu, this looks like three horizontal or vertical dots in a line.
    2. Click the expand to full screen button in the menu, this looks like four arrows pointing out to the corners of a square.
  4. Click the Accessibility Checker button to run a check.

Example of an accessibility check:

Screen shot of a rich text box in editing mode. The text entered is multicolor, mostly gray, but some in difficult to read yellow and a bolded purple. The accessibility checker icon looks like an eye with a check mark below it and has a red square drawn around it to make it stand out.


Screen shot of the accessibility checker results listing an issue of color contrast, indicating the yellow text does not meet accessibility standards.

 Keys to Accessible Content

Here are a few keys to creating accessible content in D2L Brightspace:



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