D2L Brightspace: Add MediaSpace videos


How do I upload a recorded class to D2L Brightspace? How do I add Kaltura MediaSpace videos to my course?


When logged in with your StarID credentials, cloud recordings from Zoom automatically transfer to Kaltura MediaSpace for long-term storage.

We recommend adding your MediaSpace class recordings or other MediaSpace videos to your D2L Brightspace course in the Content tool.

These steps show you how to find our comprehensive resource guide on this topic:

  1. Navigate to https://mankato.mnsu.edu/mediaspace.
  2. Locate the Helpful Guides header.
  3. Click on How to Kaltura Capture.
  4. Locate the section on D2L Brightspace Content. That section will provide an step-by-step guide for adding videos to D2L Brightspace in Content.

Example of a Kaltura MediaSpace video added to Content:

Example of MediaSpace video added to Content

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