MediaSpace - Create Recording


How do I record videos through MediaSpace?


  1. Navigate to
  2. Login using your StarID and Password
  3. Click the Add New button
  4. Click Kaltura Capture
  • This will download a recorder
  1. Find the window entitled Kaltura Capture on your computer
  2. Click an option on the RECORD tab to begin a recording
  • SCREEN - This option will record your computer screen as well as audio through your microphone
  • WEBCAM - This option will record your webcam and audio through your microphone
  • VOICE - This will only record audio through your mircophone
  1. A 5 second countdown will begin before Kaltura Capture begins recording
  1. When finished recording, click Done
  2. An editor for the recording will appear. Make edits, and when you are done click Save & Upload
  3. Enter a title for your recording
  4. Click Upload


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Wed 3/2/22 4:33 PM
Wed 3/2/22 4:33 PM