Troubleshooting WorkMSU.rdp connection


WorkMSU isn't working, how do I fix the issue?


If a user encounters issues when attempting to use WorkMSU, see troubleshooting below:


Connection Was Denied Error

This is caused when the customer uses the built-in remote desktop already installed on a computer instead of using the downloaded WorkMSU.rdp program. If the user sees the above message, follow these steps:


  1. Guide the customer in finding the WorkMSU.rdp in their downloads folder
  2. Copy and paste it to the desktop
  3. Inform the customer to only use this to access the new remote desktop


User Cannot Access WorkMSU.rdp

If a user cannot access WorkMSU.rdp, make sure they are in the correct group. The user needs to be in one of the following groups in User Inquiry/Active Directory:


  • Mnsu-License-Employee-Suite-FA5
  • Actv-stwk
  • Workmsu_exceptions_group


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