D2L Brightspace: Create mobile responsive and accessible web pages in Content


How do I add a web page to my course Content?  | How do I make my course more mobile friendly? | How can I use web page HTML templates in D2L? | How can I make my D2L content more accessible?


To add mobile responsive and accessible web pages to your course:

1. Navigate to the D2L Brightspace course where you want to use the mobile responsive/accessible web page (HTML templates).

2. Navigate to the Content area.

3. Select a module where you want to add accessible and mobile responsive content using the templates.

4. Click the Upload/Create button.

5. Select Create a file (This creates an HTML web page file).

Screen shot of content module with upload/create menu expanded and Create a file selected

6. Enter a title in the title text box.

7. Click the Select a Document Template button.

8. Select the template you would like to use from the drop down menu.

Screen shot of Select a Document Template buttton on a create a file page

9. Edit the template.*

10. Click the Publish button.

*Note: If you want to change the template after editing, applying a new template will delete ALL of the content changes. Make sure you have saved any edits in a different file prior to changing templates.

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