D2L Brightspace: Respondus LockDown Browser Student Get Started Instructions


Students can download and install Respondus LockDown browser when their instructor requires LockDown Browser and/or Monitor for an online quiz or exam.


Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within D2L Brightspace. When students use Respondus LockDown Browser they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications. When an assessment is started, students are locked into it until they submit it for grading.

Downloading and Installing:

  1. Log into D2L Brightspace.
  2. Click Download LockDown Browser link that is located under the Student Resources section at the bottom of the D2L homepage.
  3. Click the Install Now button.
  4. Open/execute the downloaded file.
  5. Install the software via the on-screen prompts.
  6. Double-click the shortcut for LockDownBrowser that is now on your desktop -or- open the LockDown Browser app on your computer.
  7. Log in with your StarID credentials when the D2L Brightspace log in page opens up.

See additional guides and resources for using Respondus LockDown as a Student and instructor on our informational website.