Verify that I am connected to the Always on VPN


How do I know if I am connected to the Always on VPN?


There are a few ways to view this, but this is probably the easiest method:

  1. In the notification area down near the clock, click on either the Ethernet Icon or Wi-Fi Icon.
    • Note:  If you are connect via Wi-FI you will have the Wi-FI icon and if you are connected with an Ethernet cable you will have the Ethernet icon.
    • Ethernet Icon
  2. In the list of available connections, you should see MNSU Always on VPN listed. 
    • AoVPN Status
  3. If you are connected you should see Connected beneath it.
    • Note:  Depending on the version of Windows 10 you may need to actually click on it for it to display the status information.
    • Note:  The disconnect button doesn't actually work as this area wasn't designed to be visible normally so the buttons weren't enabled.
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