FlexSync Classroom: Zoom Controlled by Crestron


Documentation for HN 225 FlexSync Classroom with Zoom Controlled by Crestron

  • Zoom is controlled by Crestron.  
  • It is different from a standard flex sync room in that it does not have a big zoom touch display. It instead has a small Crestron display for connecting and controlling Zoom


  • Connect to Zoom meeting using Crestron. 

  • Make sure Audio System is on to be able to hear Zoom participants. 


  • Make sure microphone is turned on so Zoom participants can hear you. Shure QLXD1 - Bodypack Transmitter on Group 1, Channel 1 (already set, but including this information in case needed) 

  • If the room display is off, turn it on using the remote control which should be stored in the equipment rack. 

  • Display Remote Control SHARP

  • If you need to change where the camera is viewing, or zoom it in or out, use the remote control: 

  • When done using make sure of the following:  
  • Meeting is ended on Crestron.  
  • Microphone is turned off (to save battery) 
  • Audio System is Turned off 
  • Troubleshooting: 
  • If Zoom is having difficulty, reboot Zoom PC




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