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D2L Brightspace: Display Letter Grade

from the menu 3. Click Settings in upper right corner of screen To display letter grades in your own (Teacher) view: 1.      Click Personal Display Options tab 2.      Check the Grade

Cisco Unity Voicemail User Guide

” button (looks like an envelope) on your phone and enter your PIN#. Step 2 Press 1 to hear new messages, or press 3 to review old messages. USE THE FOLLOWING KEYS TO MANAGE YOUR MESSAGES AND TO

Send Computers to 7700 France

Overview All computers to and from 7700 France Location will be sent through intercampus mail  NOTE: They must fit in the blue plastic USPS bin 1. Update ticket with location of computer and when it goes to the mail 2. Wrap and label computer 3. Place in intercampus mail

Account locked out

: Open Microsoft Edge. Click on the ellipse icon (3 dots) in the upper right corner. Click on Settings. Make sure you are in the Profiles section. In the right pane click on

D2L Brightspace: Setup Automatic Feedback in Quizzes

Part 2. Edit the Submissions View to allow students to view feedback 1. From the Edit Quiz menu, click the Submission View tab 2. Click the Default View link 3. Select Yes under the

How to Update a State Asset Department

Question How do I update the department of a state asset?  Overview 1. Contact IT Solutions Center at 507-389-6654 or email 2. Provide who and what department

How to Image a Mac Computer

Question How do I image a Mac? Overview 1.Boot TO USB (with Catalina on it) or Recovery. 2. Erase Drive. 3. Reinstall OS. 4. Setup snimda account. 5. Run updates for OS. 6

Student Adobe Suite for on Campus Computers

. If you do not have an account, please create an account from the Adobe Website or from the login screen. 3) All Adobe products on that machine are available for use during that

D2L Brightspace: Reply to Discussion Thread

engage in D2L Brightspace Discussions as a learner/student. Step-by-step how to: 1. Login to D2L Brightspace 2. Click on the course in which you'd like to access 3. Click on Communication

Outlook - Import Outlook Signature File and Quick Parts (Windows)

Question How do I import Outlook Signature File and Quick Parts?   Overview Check to see if your Signature files are available to you in Outlook. The migration should have copied these over

Cisco Jabber Client: Individual Setup

login screen will appear:   Type in your starID followed by, [starID] Click Continue   Throughout the process several, typically 3, Verify

D2L Brightspace: Students can't see Turnitin® Originality Check in Assignments

expand the menu. 3. Click the Manage Turnitin® link. 4. In the Turnitin® Integration pop-up window under Display, check the box next to Allow learners to see Turnitin® similarity scores in their submission folder. 5. Click Save. 6. Click Save and Close. Request Help

Connecting to eduroam with macOS (available from on or off campus) 3. The system should automatically pull the correct Operating System, select Sign In 4. Sign in with your and password

D2L Brightspace: Change Email Address

, Click the Login to Office 365/MavMAIL button 3. Enter, click Next 4. Enter your Star ID password, Click Next NOTE: You may have to follow some setting up steps

Accessing MavDISK files using an Internet Web Browser

many files: 1. Open your Web browser. 2. Navigate to MavDISK Web Access 3. Log in using your StarID and StarID password. 4. From here, you can choose to open your personal MavDISK folders