How to Print to PDF File on Windows



How do I print to a PDF file? 



Many Microsoft Office Apps and other apps can conserve printing by printing to a .PDF file.  Than you can upload, email, or keep a copy on your computer than printing it. The procedure is similar on Mac devices. 


Open the document to be printed.

Click File in the upper left corner of the window and then select Print.

Change the printer to either Microsoft Print to PDF, Adobe PDF, or choose to Save a Copy and select .PDF.

Enter a name for the .PDF file and select a location that you want to save your PDF to such as your Documents or the Destop.

Click on Print to start the process of saving the PDF.

Note:  You may see windows opens open and close as it creates the PDF.

Once the file is saved as a .PDF, it can be uploaded or attached to an email and sent as an attachment.




In many apps, you can also press Ctrl+P or Ctrl-Shift+P to print the document to a PDF file. Just change the printer to one of the PDF types as instructed above.

PDF files save the file in its original form and is more difficult to change and modify.



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