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Share a File Publicly Using OneDrive

cloud-storage ... Question How can I share a file through OneDrive for others outside of MNSU to view? Overview In your OneDrive account, check the file you want to share Click on Copy Link on the top

Verification for Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication Not Sending

receive both. If you have verified your device is turned on and you still don’t receive the call or text, it’s most likely an issue with your network and you will need to talk to your provider. If signal

Hardware Standards and Recommendations for Students

Core i5 or AMD equivalent  Memory: 8GB or larger  Storage Drive Capacity: 256GB Solid State or larger  Wireless network card (802.11n, ac, ax, WiFi-6) Your wireless card and device must support

Adobe Creative Cloud Account Request - Faculty/Staff

Question How do I request Adobe Access as a faculty, staff or student worker? Overview Adobe Creative Cloud Suite licenses are available on request to all faculty, staff, graduate assistants

Zoom Web Conferencing Solution

a HD camera or a “super-fast” connection to the Internet, no worries, Zoom will accommodate you. See More Recording Help Faculty and staff can record their meetings to Zoom’s cloud service or

Renting a IT Solutions Academic Computer Center Lab(s)

be available during normal hours of operation. Storage on local machines that is wiped out nightly. The ability to project images is available in most labs. Most rooms are supplied with

D2L Brightspace: Import a Course Package

Question How can I import a course package from a third party publisher or course components from a .zip file on D2L? Overview Click Course Admin on your course Navbar, then click Import

Enroll New iPhone in Multi-Factor Authentication

Question I received or bought a new iPhone. How do I setup multi-factor authentication with it? Overview Steps below to enroll your iPhone in MFA On your iPhone, navigate to the App

Multi-Factor Authentication - Self Enrollment for iOS phones

Question How do I enroll in multi-factor authentication with my iOS device? Overview On your iPhone, navigate to the App Store  Tap the search tab in the bottom right and search

Multi-Factor Authentication - New Android Phone

Question How do I set up MFA on an android?  Overview On your Android smartphone, navigate to the Google Play Store App In the search bar, type Microsoft Authenticator Click Install or