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Flipgrid: How to Sign On/Access a Flipgrid Educator's Account

flipgrid ... Question How can I sign on to Flipgrid? How do I use my campus Office 365/MavMail account to use Flipgrid? What is Flipgrid?  Flipgrid is a video discussion platform that helps educators see

Office 365: Changing Document Permissions in Office 365 Delve

office ... Question How do I change who has access to my document in Delve? Overview In the Office 365 Delve app, locate the document you want to verify permissions for Click the share icon

How to Install Office 365 for Students, Faculty, and Staff

install ... Question How do you download Office 365? How do you install Microsoft Office? Overview Using any browser, log into Mavmail at Replace YOUR StarID for StarID

Forward email in Office 365

Question How do I forward email in MavMAIL? Overview Note:  This is only for student email accounts.  Employee email accounts can't be forwarded. Log into MavMAIL. In the upper right

Android MavMAIL (Office 365) Setup

office ...   Navigate to your Accounts and press Add Account Select Email and press Office 365 NOTE: If you do not see an option for Office 365, go into accounts from the Email app and add the account

iOS MavMAIL (Office 365) Setup

office365 ... Question How do I setup my iPhone or iPad with Office365? Overview Note: Instructions may vary depending on the version of the application you are using. Update the iOS Mail application

Report Office 365 Spam

information-security ... Question How do I report a spam or phishing email?  Overview Microsoft Outlook for Windows There are two ways to report a phishing/spam email in Microsoft Outlook for Windows

D2L Brightspace: How to Login to Office 365 Widget to Access MavMAIL, Outlook, Calendar and OneDrive

Question How do I access my MavMail, Outlook calendar, and OneDrive from D2L Brightspace? Overview The Office 365 widget on the D2L Brightspace homepage allows you to view your MavMail

Log In to Scholarship Finder as a Reviewer or a Reference

Question How do I log in to review scholarship applications in Scholarship Finder? How do I log in to Scholarship Finder to provide a reference for a scholarship applicant? Overview Go

Log In to Scholarship Finder as a Student Applicant

Question How do I log in to Scholarship Finder as a student applicant?  Overview Students who have been newly admitted, are current students, or attended classes at Minnesota State Mankato

Office Shared Computer Activation - Computers in Campus Computer Labs

office ... Question How do I activate Office 365 Pro Plus Shared Computer? Overview The steps below will need to be taken by everyone the first time using a computer in a campus computer lab with

How to Connect to MavLABS

Question How do I connect to MavLABS? Overview MavLABS allows you to connect to a computer in the University Labs using Remote Desktop Connection. To connect to a specific computer related

Outlook - Setup Out of Office Replies

out-of-office ... will need to turn off automatic replies manually Note: If you do not see Automatic Replies, use Rules and Alerts to set up your out-of-office message. On the Inside My Organization tab, type

Turnitin®: How to Log in/Access

login ... Question How can I get a instructor account? How do I access outside of D2L Brightspace? Overview If you HAVE NOT previously used Turnitin® with a D2L Brightspace

Connect to Notes (iOS)

iphone ... Question How do I access my notes using my iPhone?  Overview If you have previously configured your iOS device to connect to Office 365, you can access notes following the steps below. To