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Outlook - Setup Out of Office Replies

automatic-reply ... Question How do I setup out of office replies? Overview There are two ways to send automatic out-of-office replies. The way you use depends on the type of email account you have. Click

Shared Mailboxes Setup

. Note: You will be able to add any shared mailbox, however you will only be able to view mailboxes that you have access to. Outlook 2016/Office 365 (Windows) Due to the

Shared Mailboxes and Distribution Lists

mailbox ... Question What is the difference between a Shared Mailbox and a Distribution List?  Overview  This article will set out the differences between a Shared Mailbox and a Distribution Group to

Outlook - Share Your Calendar/Mailbox

mailbox ... Question How do I let someone else view my calendar? Overview Questions related to article here With Microsoft Outlook open, go to the menu bar at the top of the screen and choose

iOS MavMAIL (Office 365) Setup

office365 ... Question How do I setup my iPhone or iPad with Office365? Overview Note: Instructions may vary depending on the version of the application you are using. Update the iOS Mail application

Android MavMAIL (Office 365) Setup

office ... Emeriti: Faculty and Staff: Exchange Server: SAMSUNG ONLY Office 365 Open Settings on your smartphone

Office 365 Shared Tenant - Email Send Limits

office ... Question What are the email sending limits for students and alumni? Overview Sending limits for Students and Alumni email accounts in the Office 365 Shared Tenant: 100 external (i.e

Office Shared Computer Activation - Computers in Campus Computer Labs

office ... Question How do I activate Office 365 Pro Plus Shared Computer? Overview The steps below will need to be taken by everyone the first time using a computer in a campus computer lab with

Setup Outlook with a Department E-mail Account

office365 ... Question How do I setup Outlook for a Dept email address that I have access to? Overview Click on the start button Type Control Panel and Click on Control Panel If needed in the upper

Office 365: Changing Document Permissions in Office 365 Delve

office ... Question How do I change who has access to my document in Delve? Overview In the Office 365 Delve app, locate the document you want to verify permissions for Click the share icon

Share a File Publicly Using OneDrive

share ... Question How can I share a file through OneDrive for others outside of MNSU to view? Overview In your OneDrive account, check the file you want to share Click on Copy Link on the top

How to Install Office 365 for Students, Faculty, and Staff

office ... Question How do you download Office 365? How do you install Microsoft Office? Overview Using any browser, log into Mavmail at Replace YOUR StarID for StarID

Customer Request for Surplus Pickup From Their Office

Center with the asset tag number, location, and contact number of the requester. Keep the computer in a secure place such as your office or department office (Please do not put the computer in the

Outlook - Missing Email Messages

office365 ... folder Check to make sure that emails are not being routed into the Focused Inbox (View – Show Focused Inbox to toggle ON/OFF) Check the mailbox rules to rule out any mis-routed emails, if needed

iOS Mail App: Action Required to Access Your Email

Click Delete Account Follow the instructions in this article to setup the account again:   Request Help