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Find Media Access Control (MAC) address on PC

Question How do I find my MAC or physical address of my Network card on a PC from the command line in Windows 10? Overview Right-click the Windows button  in the lower left corner

How to Print to PDF File on Windows

copy on your computer than printing it. The procedure is similar on Mac devices.    Open the document to be printed. Click File in the upper left corner of the window and then select Print

Outlook General Troubleshooting

) Locate the file that is ending in .ost Right click and rename the file to .old Open Outlook and check if the issue is resolved If issue persist, please follow steps from Microsoft’s Outlook For

Outlook Cached Mode On and Off

Question I am unable to receive or view any emails in Outlook. In the bottom right hand corner it says not connected to MNSU. I am using Windows 10 with Outlook, what can I do? Overview You

Troubleshooting WorkMSU.rdp connection

This is caused when the customer uses the built-in remote desktop already installed on a computer instead of using the downloaded WorkMSU.rdp program. If the user sees the above message, follow

D2L Brightspace: Release Final Grades (Students unable to view final grade)

Question I can see my students' final grade, but they say they can't. | How to I let my students see their final calculated grade in D2L? | Why can't my students see their Final Grade in D2L

Office 365 Shared Tenant - Email Send Limits

Question What are the email sending limits for students and alumni? Overview Sending limits for Students and Alumni email accounts in the Office 365 Shared Tenant: 100 external (i.e

Dell Hardware Diagnostic Test

Dell support website Use your Service Tag Number on the computer, additional troubleshooting options, warranty information, driver updates, etc Request Help

ISRS gives a side by side configuration error

I am getting the following error when I try running ISRS, The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail.. What can I do to fix this? ... Overview This article goes over how to fix the ISRS Side by Side error, which usually occurs when Visual Studio C++ 2005 x86 is not installed Resolution This happens when a computer

Docking Station Display Issues

. Click the Start Button located in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Right click Computer and select Manage. In the Computer Management window, click Device Manager. Expand Display Adaptors

Malware Removal - Personal Devices

your device, please Contact IT Solutions.  To download Malwarebytes for your personal device, follow the steps below. Installation and Usage Download the Malwarebytes free download from http

Removing Malware with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Software

have malware on your device, please Contact IT Solutions. To download Malwarebytes for your personal device, follow the steps below. Installation and Usage 1) Download the Malwarebytes free

Adobe Creative Suite and Imaging

popular creative suite applications into the University asset imaging process. That means that every asset tagged machine that leaves IT Solutions whether it be a newly purchased machine, or a re

Customer Request for Surplus Pickup From Their Office

Center with the asset tag number, location, and contact number of the requester. Keep the computer in a secure place such as your office or department office (Please do not put the computer in the

D2L Brightspace: Submit a Quiz on a Student's Behalf

Question How can I search for in-progress quiz attempts? How do I submit a quiz on behalf of a student? Overview If a student leaves a quiz without submitting their quiz, the quiz displays