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Office Shared Computer Activation - Computers in Campus Computer Labs

Click on Sign In and enter your or information for the username field The MinnState branded login box should now appear. Enter your StarID

Yealink Desk Phone Installation

Installation instructions for Yealink desk phones. ... Question How do I install (cable) my new Yealink desk phone?  Overview Your new Yealink Desk Phone phone is now ready to use. Before your Yealink phone is plugged in, you can use the Zoom

Kearney International Center (KIC) Portal

For students to access the KIC portal and their I-20 request you will first need to set up your Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and MavMAIL.  1. Activate StarID

In-Call Functions & Features on Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone In-Call functions and features for mute, unmute, audio, add call, hold, transfer, record and more ... Question How can I get familiar with how to transfer, hold or record a call?  Overview In-Call Functions and Features Mute/Unmute: Mute or unmute your mic.Keypad: Display a dial pad to

D2L Brightspace: Add Feedback in Grades

, we recommend you provide feedback through the Grade options in those tools. The association then syncs the any feedback  to Grades automatically. To add feedback to a Grade item: Navigate to

Mouse Isn't Clicking Correctly in MavAPPS

Question Why can't I click anything when MavAPPS launches the application?  SPSS opens in MavAPPS, but when I use the mouse it won't click on anything, what is the problem? Overview Multiple

Search For Dell Individual Drivers

Where do you download individual Dell drivers? ... Overview This articles notes down the step-by-step procedure for searching and downloading individual dell drivers  Resolution Navigate to Dell's website, Select

How to Give Door Access with Access Manager

Readers" you will see more information about each specific door. To Remove a User 1. Once logged in select the room you want to remove a user from. 2. Towards the top of the page select the Have

Hide Incoming Calls While in a Zoom Meeting

Need to stay focused and avoid distractions while in a Zoom Meeting? Change your settings to hide incoming calls while in a Zoom Meeting. ... in-coming ... Question How can I set my Zoom App to hide new incoming calls when I am in a Zoom Meeting?  Overview If you want to hide incoming calls when you are in a Zoom Meeting to avoid distractions

Installing and Running the Cisco VPN for Mac

browser navigate to Enter your starid and password and click on Login. On the left hand side, click on AnyConnect. In the middle of the screen

Zoom: Sign In on Chromebook Using University Account

. Additionally you can download the Zoom application from the Chrome Web Store Getting Started on Chrome OS or install Zoom Chrome Extension Logging into the Chrome App after it has been

Adobe - Install Creative Cloud Control Panel

Question How do I install the Adobe Creative Cloud control panel? Overview Windows: Click on the start Menu Type Software Center and click on the Software Center application Click

Attach an email in Outlook for Windows

Overview How can I attach an email in Outlook to another email? Resolution Create a message, or for an existing message, click Reply, Reply All, or Forward. In the message window, on

Employee On-Campus Information Change Form

Refer to the Employee On-Campus Information Change form to update your phone number, department, building location, title, room number etc. ... Question How do I change or update my phone number or office location? Overview Please refer to Employee On-Campus Information Change Form   Request Help

How do I use the Follett Discover integration?

The Follett Discover integration allows instructors to create a link directly to Follett Discover resources. Instructions for Use 1. Navigate to your Course, and go to Materials, then Content