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How can I access the wireless (Wi-Fi) network if I am visiting the campus? How do I access the Internet as a guest?


There are two options available for guest Wi-Fi service. MavGUEST Wi-Fi network, and a MavNET Wi-Fi Guest passcode for guest access.

The MavGUEST Wi-Fi network is meant for family members of students and other members of the public and does not require a StarID. It allows access to the Internet and to services on campus that are accessible to the Internet. Most internal services such as MavDISK or ISRS are not accessible on the MavGUEST Wi-Fi network. NOTE: students, faculty, and staff should use the official campus Wi-Fi network eduroam instead of MavGUEST.  

MavGUEST Wi-Fi network is ALWAYS available in the following areas:

  • Centennial Student Union
  • Hubbard Building
  • Myers Field House
  • Taylor Center Bresnan Arena
  • Taylor Center Hall of Champions
  • Wigley Administration room 303

MavGUEST Wi-Fi network is available campus-wide during summer and winter breaks except in the following areas:

  • Airport
  • Edina

A MavNET Wi-Fi guest passcode is available for faculty and staff to be provided to guests to use the MavNET network in areas where MavGUEST is not available. This passcode is renewed each winter and summer break.  A pass code is ideal if, for example, a conference room within an academic building is expecting guests that need Wi-Fi access. The passcode can be shared with the guests. They will select the MavNET Wi-Fi network, choose Guest Login, and use the pass code to authenticate. 

MavNET Wi-Fi guest passcodes are also available in university meeting rooms. Look for the poster in university meeting rooms. NOTE: these posters will NOT be posted in classrooms.

If you need assistance with setting up a wireless connection please contact the IT Solutions Center via one of the following methods:

  • Walk-in:  lower level Centennial Student Union and 1st floor Memorial Library (near the MavPRINT stations)
  • Phone: 507.389.6654
  • Email:


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