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Account locked out

using your CAMPUS username and password.  This usually happens after some one changes their password but their old password is still saved somewhere on their machine.  If your account keeps getting

Adobe Error - You Don't Have Access to Manage Apps

apps ... Question How do I fix the error "You don't have access to manage these apps?"  Overview If a user is logging into creative cloud and cannot download any apps with the error "You don't have

Access Notes from iPhone

Question How do I access my notes using an iPhone?  Overview If you have previously configured your iOS device to connect to Office 365, you can access notes following the steps below. To

How to Find a Lost iPhone

.   Tracking your iPhone using and iPad or Apple Watch On iPad   Use the Find My app in your iPad to track your iPhone.   Under the tab Devices you can tap on your

Setup a Conference Call

dial-in number is authorized only for the specific date and time specified in the user's request. A new request is required for each conference session to avoid individuals dialing into someone else's

Access Power BI in the Cloud

Question How do I access to Power BI in the cloud?  Overview In a web browser, navigate to MavMAIL Login using your StarID and password. Students, Alumni and Emeriti: YourStarID

How to Print to PDF File on Windows

This article goes over how one can print pdf files. ... Question   How do I print to a PDF file?    Overview Many Microsoft Office Apps and other apps can conserve printing by printing to a .PDF file.  Than you can upload, email, or keep a

Adobe Software Access for Students

adobe ... or their teacher can request a section of students to get access specifically for that class Adobe software will require a login using an Adobe account. A free Adobe account can be used and can be

Locating and Running VPN on Windows

Question Where is the Cisco AnyConnect (Cisco VPN) client on my Windows machine?   Overview  If using Windows, click on the Start Menu located on the bottom left hand corner of your

Obtain Email Addresses For Research

information. (i.e. GPA>=3.8, address type, undergrad vs graduate, etc.) Share the IRB number Request a particular date Submit a request to IT Solutions via one of the following methods

Student Employee EPiServer Authentication

Student employees with access to the EPiServer content editor must use <starid> ... Student employees with access to the EPiServer content editor must use <starid> Students using <starid> to log in to EPiServer WILL NOT be able to access the content editor.

FlexSync Classroom: Start a Zoom Meeting

Question How do I start a meeting in a FlexSync Classroom?  Overview Prior to your meeting time you should have created a meeting space and shared the invitation to that meeting space with

View File Upload responses in Qualtrics

Question Questions related to article here Overview Access the Qualtrics Project that has the File Upload question. Click the Data & Analysis tab. Assure a Yes response to the File

What is the process for a user whose wireless is disabled due to infection?

IT System Management will verify the log file. The IT System Management will then re-enable the user on the campus wireless. If they do not respond within one week (7 days) of the initial correspondence, close the incident. For detailed information on how to run MalwareBytes, see article 18863.

Link Shortening: Accessing Statistics of Shortened Link

acceptable ... Question How do I check the statistics of a link I shortened using Overview Login to using your StarID and password Hover your pointer in the Actions box