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Diploma Lists

How do I generate Diploma Lists for the Registrar Office? ... registrar-office ... Overview This article goes over how one may generate a Diploma List of the Registrar Office Resolution Internal Only 1.     In SQL Server Management Studio connect to server sql12-n1

D2L Brightspace: Upload Documents Directly from OneDrive

Question How do I upload documents from my OneDrive to D2L Brightspace? Overview Teacher and Teacher's Assistant users can upload and share Office 365 OneDrive documents with students in the

Installing Mathematica on macOS for a Personal Computer

Question How to I install and activate Mathematica on my personal comptuer? Overview Staring on 11-7-2022 you will now need to activate Mathematica with your Office 365 (MavMAIL) account

Multi-Factor Authentication - Self-Enrollment by Phone

you to select your additional verification options. Under what’s your preferred option? select Call my authentication phone or Call my Office Phone Choose your backup verification methods

Enroll New iPhone in Multi-Factor Authentication

listed Office Phone (listed below) Verify Office Phone if this is your office phone. If this is NOT your office phone, DO NOT select this option Verify Alternate

Outlook - Export Contacts (Windows)

Question How do I export contacts from Outlook in (Windows)  Overview You can find information about this at Microsoft Office support:,_2013 Request Help

Make an Appointment with ResTech Services

Question How can I make an appointment with ResTech Services?   Overview Students living in on-campus (this includes stadium housing) can make an appointment online at https

Outlook - Import Outlook Email Signature (Mac)

/starid/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/Main Profile/Data/Signatures   Request Help

Outlook - Copy Outlook Email Signature (Mac)

Question How do I copy my Outlook Signature for Mac?   Overview 1. In the Finder go to /Users/starid/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/Main Profile/Data

Remote Connection to a Common Desktop using WorkMSU - Windows

Windows? Note: Multi-Factor Authentication is Required to Connect to WorkMSU When loggin in, WorkMSU requires Microsoft 365 multi-factor authentication using the Microsoft Authenticator app on

Multi-Factor Authentication - New Android Phone

Authentication Phone. Type a phone number that is different from the listed Office Phone Verify Office Phone. If this is not your office phone, do not select this option Verify Alternate

Copyright and Fair Use

of copyrighted materials. Library Services Copyright and fair use Minnstate Fair Use Checklist U.S. Copyright Office

Hardware Standards and Recommendations for Students

access University provided software and technology such as Office 365 and D2L Brightspace.  Computer: Windows or Mac laptop or desktop  Operating system: Windows 10 or macOS 10.13 High Sierra

D2L Brightspace: Instructor Access

the official Instructor of record, your department must complete and submit the listing with the office of Registration and Academic Records. To find out if you are listed as the Instructor of Record

Opening SPSS with MavLABS

Question How do I use a MavLABS to access SPSS?   Note: Multi-Factor Authentication is Required to Connect to MavLABS When loggin in, MavLABS requires Microsoft 365 multi-factor