D2L Brightspace: Instructor Access


How do faculty access their courses in D2L Brightspace?


Learn how faculty access their courses in D2L Brightsapce:

Automatic Instructor enrollment in D2L Brightspace

Faculty listed as the official Instructor of Record will be enrolled automatically in their respective D2L Brightspace course(s) in the Instructor role. To find your courses:

  1. Navigate to https://mnsu.learn.minnstate.edu/
  2. Login with your StarID and Password.
  3. Locate your courses in the My Courses widget or the Course Selector waffle icon.

What does Instructor of Record mean?

To be the official Instructor of record, your department must complete and submit the listing with the office of Registration and Academic Records. To find out if you are listed as the Instructor of Record:

How do users access a course if they are not Instructor of Record?

The Instructor of Record of that course must submit a request to enroll Co-Instructors, Teacher's Assistants, and others not listed as the Instructor of Record. To request manual enrollment:

  1. Navigate to our Add a TA or Co-Instructor Enrollment Form. (Note: You may be prompted to sign in with your MavMail credentials first.)
  2. Complete the form to submit the request.


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