Create an Event in the Mav Life App as a Department

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How do I create an event on Mav Life as a department? 


Departments can post on Mav Life as a way to share content with the student audience, including news and events. Note: First, your department needs to be set up with a Service Page in Mav life and you need to have a Campus Cloud account. Don’t have one or not sure? Submit a ticket to get started


  1. Go to the Campus Cloud portal  

  2. Enter your email and password and click “Log In.”  (Your email is your University email address (usually and the password is the password you chose when you set up your account.)

Screenshot of the Campus Cloud portal login page

  1. Click the “Manage” tab on the upper left corner. Then click “Create Event” on the right.

    Screenshot of the Campus Cloud portal showing clicking on Manage and Create Event buttons


  2. Upload your Event Banner by clicking the “Upload your image” box and choosing an image (1125px wide by 600 px tall, JPEG or PNG, under 5MB in size). Fill in the other details of your event, including name, date, description, and more by clicking in the boxes and typing or selecting from the drop-down menus. Don't forget to select the correct Host.

Screenshot showing the Campus Cloud portal event creation screen and an arrow pointing at the Event Banner section

  1. (Optional) You can track attendance, create a check-in, a event and attendance managers, or gather feedback by turning on the "Assessment" option. Click the toggle next to "Assessment" to turn these features on and select your settings.

    • The Event Manager is someone who will get access to all the attendance data after the event. 

    • The Attendance Manager helps with checking in but will not have access to the attendance data. 

Screenshot of the Campus Cloud portal event creation screen with a circle on the Assessment toggle


  1. When you’re done adding details and settings, click Create Event.  

Screenshot of the Campus Cloud portal with an arrow pointing to the Create Event button at the bottom of the screen



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