Become a Content Contributor for Your Department in the Mav Life App

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How do I get access to post content on Mav Life as a department? How do I become a Mav Life Content Contributor? How do I set up a Campus Cloud account? 


Departments can post on Mav Life as a way to share content with the student audience, including news and events. As a Content Contributor for your department, you can: 

  • Post content in the News Feed 

  • Create events with features like check-in and feedback 

  • Search the feeds for keywords or set up automatic keyword alerts 

  • Respond to student comments 

  • See overall app usage and insights 


First, your department needs to be set up with a Service Page in Mav life and you need to have a Campus Cloud account. We'll help you get started!

To get started: 

  1. Submit a ticket to IT Solutions 

  1. Work with our team to set up your Campus Cloud account and complete training 

  1. Get started posting content and creating events


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