Adobe Creative Cloud Account Request - Faculty/Staff


How do I request Adobe Access as a faculty, staff or student worker?


Adobe Creative Cloud Suite licenses are available on request to all faculty, staff, graduate assistants, and teaching assistants. The full list of applications available through Adobe CC can be found here. There is also an Adobe Flowchart attached to this document. To request an Adobe license:


  1. Contact the IT Solutions Center at 507-389-6654,, or by visiting the CSU IT Solutions Center in person with your request

                         NOTE: Only supervisors of student workers can submit a request on behalf of their student worker

  1. You will receive an email from Adobe once your request has been processed
  2. Once you receive the email from Adobe, click on the Get Started link provided in the email.
  3. The link will take you to Adobe’s website and prompt you to create an Adobe account. Create a secure and memorable password. This password will be different from your StarID password

NOTE: If you had an existing license, you would need to log out of all Adobe Products and then sign back in with your email and select Company or School Account

  1. Download the Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) application

NOTE: Most asset tagged machines already have the Adobe CC suite. If you already have the Adobe Creative Cloud application, skip to step 4

  1. Open Adobe CC on your computer and login with your Adobe ID. From here, you can download any applications you may need
  2. You can use this account to install Adobe on two separate computers


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