D2L Brightspace: Request to Add Homepage Announcement


D2L Brightspace homepage announcements are used for communicating items related to Brightspace use, updates, teaching/learning tips for success, Brightspace help and FAQs, etc., for both faculty and students.

Because of the quantity of potential marketing requests, we could potentially receive from many diverse campus organizations, it is challenging to make a choice about who/what is appropriate to share on that forum. This also has the potential for reducing the effectiveness of announcements directed at improving student and faculty success and experience in D2L Brightspace.

As a result, the focus for D2L Brightspace homepage announcements is on the above topics mentioned. We are unable to take requests for sharing non-related campus announcements, events, opportunities, etc...

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Wed 2/16/22 9:11 AM
Thu 3/16/23 2:34 PM