Accessing ISRS on University Owned Machine


How do I access ISRS on my MNSU computer? 


These instructions presume you are accessing ISRS on a machine from which you have previously used to access ISRS on campus.

  1. Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and type (Win+D). This will minimize your open windows so that you will see your Desktop
  2. On the Desktop, double click the MN State Uniface icon (or start ISRS the way you normally would) 


  1. If you are unsuccessful in starting ISRS, please first verify that your VPN is connected

  1. It can take up to five minutes after connecting to the VPN for your drives to connect automatically. If you need to install the VPN, please see this website
  2. Please verify in your File Explorer that your Applications (U:) drive is connected. You can quickly access File Explorer by holding down the Windows key and typing (Win+E)

NOTE: A red X through the drive icon is oftentimes resolved by clicking once on the drive icon to reconnect the drive

If the Applications (U:) drive is missing, disconnecting from the VPN, and reconnecting will reinitiate the connection.



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