Opening SPSS with MavLabs


How do I use a MavLabs to access SPSS?


  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the Yellow Login button

  1. Choose any of the available computers and click on connect

  1. The following box should appear. Click Download

  1. Run the downloaded file and the following box should appear. Click Connect

  1. Log on to the machine using the format campus\StarID and password


NOTE: ab1234cd is an example of a StarID

  1. Click the box agreeing to the computer policy and click OK

  1. Wait until the remote desktop session begins
  2. The remote desktop will begin. Click on the Start menu to open SPSS

  1. If the following box appears, click on Allow Access

  1. You can now run SPSS


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Fri 3/4/22 9:13 AM
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