Change Multi-Factor Authentication to Microsoft Authenticator App


How do I change my multi-factor authentication method to the Microsoft Authenticator app?


What is Microsoft Authenticator?

Microsoft Authenticator is an app available on the App Store or Google Play that allows you to authenticate Microsoft 365 sign-ins. You can easily add the Microsoft Authenticator app as an authentication option on your account.


Add Microsoft Authenticator to your multi-factor authentication methods:

Note: You'll need your computer and your mobile device handy for the easiest set-up experience.

1. Open your Microsoft 365 authentication settings on your computer by CLICKING HERE and signing in with either or and your StarID password. Once signed in, you'll be able to view your authentication options.

If "Text Message" or "Phone Call" is the only multi-factor authentication option on your account, your screen will show "Phone" as your authentication option.


2. Click “Add sign-in method” to start the process of setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app for your multi-factor authentication. 

Screenshot of authentication methods page that shows an option to Add sign-in method


3. From the drop down menu, choose Authenticator App. If you haven’t already downloaded Microsoft authenticator to your mobile device, download and install Microsoft Authenticator now from the App Store or Google Play

Screenshot of a window that says: "Add a method" and shows "authenticator app" in the drop-down menu


4. Once installed on your mobile device, click Next on your computer. 

Window that shows a link to download the Microsoft Authenticator app


5. Click Next on the next window. 

Window that says: "Set up your account" and a Next button


6. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device. Tap the + button in the upper right corner. 

Screenshot that shows the Microsoft Authenticator app with a plus button in the corner


7. On the Add Account screen, tap Work or School Account. 

Screenshot that shows Microsoft Authenticator app that shows an option to add Work or School Account


8. Tap Scan QR Code on the next window. 

Screenshot of the Microsoft Authenticator app that shows a pop-up to Scan QR Code


9. A camera screen will pop-up. Scan the QR code displayed on your computer screen, then click Next on your computer. 

A screenshot of a window that shows a QR code


10. A number will appear in a new window on your computer screen. This number will be the number you enter on your mobile device. 

Screenshot of a window that shows a number on it


11. Type the number from your computer screen on your mobile device. 

Screenshot of the Microsoft Authenticator app that shows a number pad and option to type in a number


12. If the number matches and setup was successful, you will see “Notification approved” on your computer screen. 

Window that shows a check mark indicating the authentication was approved


13. Return to your computer screen and click “Change” next to Default sign-in method. 

Screen that shows multi-factor authentication options and a button to Change options


14. On the Change default method window, choose “App based authentication – notification” from the drop down menu. Click Confirm. 

A window that shows a drop-down menu with the option for App based authentication - notification


Now you're all set up to use the Microsoft Authenticator app to authenticate Microsoft 365 sign-ins! Have questions or having trouble? Contact the IT Solutions Center


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