Remote Desktop Direct Setup on Windows


How do I connect to my campus Windows desktop when I'm off campus using a Windows machine?

Note: Multi-Factor Authentication is Required to Connect to Remote Desktop Direct

When loggin in, Remote Desktop Direct requires Microsoft 365 multi-factor authentication using the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device. If your multi-factor authentication settings are configured to use text messaging or another option other than the app, you must change your authentication settings to use the app. You cannot connect to Remote Desktop Direct without doing this. 

Change your authentication settings to Microsoft Authenticator app 



  • On-campus machine must be a Windows 10 workstation
  • The workstation you want to remote to must be powered on and left on and connected via Ethernet (No Wi-Fi)
  • You must have your multi-factor authentication set up to use the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device

Verify your StarID is a local Administrator for the on-campus Windows workstation:

  1. Click on the Start Button in the lower left corner
  2. Click on Settings (Gear Icon)
  3. Click on Accounts
    1. If you do not see accounts, click on Home in the upper left corner
  4. Verify that Administrator is listed under your name

Note: If you are not a local administrator, please contact the Solutions Center.

Find the device name:

  1. Log into the workstation you want to remote into
  2. Right-click on the Start Button in the lower left corner
  3. In the pop-up menu, click on System
  4. Locate the Device name under Device specifications. This is your workstation name

Example:  MSU1234567

Setup Remote Desktop Direct:

  1. Download MSURemoteDesktopDirect.rdp and save it to your desktop

Connect to Remote Desktop Direct:

Note: Using Remote Desktop Direct does not require using the VPN client

  1. Double-click the MSURemoteDesktopDirect.rdp file
  2. Replace Workstation Name with the device name from the Find the device name section, plus add to the end of the device name


  1. A similar dialog box as below will appear. Click connect. 

4. Enter Campus\StarID and Password and click OK.

(NOTE: ab1234cd is used as an example StarID)

5. Then check your mobile device and approve the multi-factor authentication request. Your computer will wait for you to approve the authentication before moving forward. The multi-factor authentication will look something like this:

Cell phone with pop-up for authentication. Arrow pointing to "Approve"

6. After approving the Multi-Factor Authentication, your computer will connect.



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