D2L Brightspace: Students can't see Turnitin® Originality Check in Assignments


I can see the Turnitin® Originality Check in Assignments, but my students can't. How do I allow Students to see the Turnitin® Originality Check results in Assignments?


To allow students to see the Turnitin® Originality Check in Assignments:

1. Edit the Assignments submission folder.

2. Click the arrow next to the title of the Evaluation and Feedback widget to expand the menu.

3. Click the Manage Turnitin® link.

4. In the Turnitin® Integration pop-up window under Display, check the box next to Allow learners to see Turnitin® similarity scores in their submission folder.

5. Click Save.

6. Click Save and Close.

Screen Shot of Turnitin Integration pop-up window with the box checked next to allow learners to view Originality Reports


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Wed 3/30/22 12:59 PM
Tue 5/10/22 8:44 AM