D2L Brightspace: Page automatically scrolls down or jumps down


  • Why is the page jumping down when I access my courses?
  • How do I stop the page from automatically scrolling down in D2L Brightspace?
  • How do I log into the Request Help widget in D2L Brightspace? 


When you access the D2L Brightspace homepage or a course, the page will automatically scroll down or jump down to the Request Help widget to prompt log in to the widget app. Logging in to the Request Help widget app will prevent this from occurring.

To log in to the widget:

1. Click the Sign In button in the Request Help widget.

Screen shot of the Request Help widget and sign on button

2. Enter your MavMail credentials (StarID@minnstate.edu) and follow the steps to sign in.

Screen Shot of entering MavMail credentials to sign in in Request Help

3. The Request Help widget will appear after sign in.

Screen Shot of the key features of the request help widget the menu the search and the get help button

4. Sometimes you will see a "Fix Connection" to SharePoint message. Click the Fix Connection links and/or click the Allow button to sign in to the widget.

Screen Shot of Fix Connection message and allow button in request help widget

About Request Help

The Request Help widget is available to Instructors. You can find it on the main homepage and all course offering homepages. Request Help is an app that connects instructors to D2L Brightspace support resources including:

  • Quick search for D2L Brightspace support articles from MinnState
  • Submit an IT Solutions support ticket from the widget
  • Request a development or practice course in D2L Brightspace (Automatically creates a course in a few minutes!)

Search for support articles feature in Request Help

Screen Shot of Request Help widget support article search

Submit an IT Solutions ticket in Request Help

Screen Shot of submit a ticket to IT Solutions feature in Request Help

Submit a development or practice course request in the Request Help widget

Screen Shot request a development or practice course request in Request Help widget


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