How to Identify Spam and Phishing Emails


How do I know if an email is spam?


  1. Check the email address. If the email has a suspicious looking domain name, it is possible that it is a spam or phishing email.


  1. Check the email for spelling errors, uneven font sizes, and unusual links. Be aware of lucrative offers and eye-catching or attention-grabbing statements Sometimes domain names may look legitimate, but it is important to look for other suspicious items like these. Do not click on links that are in a suspicious or unusual email.


  1. Never download an attachment if you are unsure of what it is. Instead, Preview the attachment before taking further action. Previewing can be done by clicking the down arrow next to the attachment and then clicking on Preview.


  1. How to Report Spam or Phishing:

If you think an email you received is suspicious, send it as an attachment to or forward the original email. Learn how in our Report Office 365 Spam support article.


For more information about how to Identify Spam and Phishing emails please see Barracuda's Website.


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