eduroam Wi-Fi Network: Connect with a Chromebook (Chrome OS)


How do I connect my Chromebook to the Wi-Fi network? Do I use eduroam, MavGUEST or MavNET?


When setting up the eduroam Wi-Fi network you need to have a network connection. Here are a few ways to get a network connection:

  • Connect to the MavGUEST network. See In the Centennial Student Union (CSU), connect to MavGUEST, or do this setup at another off-campus location where you have Wi-Fi or other network access.


  1. Open the Chrome OS Settings App > Network > Wi-Fi > Known Networks. If "eduroam" exists, click eduroam and then click forget
  2. Open Chrome browser and navigate to
  3. Under the text "Please select a download source and install the Chrome extension" click Install
  4. Chrome Web Store > Install >FIXME some button > Add extension
  5. There is a popup in the upper-right hand corner that says the Chrome extension was installed
  6. Close this tab
  7. Go back to the Minnesota State University Mankato-eduroam | Powered by SecureW2 tab
  8. Sign In
    1. If you are a student enter:
    2. If you are an employee:
  9. Enter your StarID password: > Sign In > Stay signed in? This is your preference. This will not affect having to re-sign in for your Wi-Fi connection. It is only used for if you login to another StarID service on this computer while using the Chrome browser. Choose if you want to save your password for future use.
  10. Download > It will say Loading
  11. Switch to the chrome:///net-internals/#chromeos tab
  12. Under "Import ONC File", Click on Choose File > Downloads > SecureW2.onc > Open. It should say "Networks imported: 1"
  13. Open the Chrome OS Settings App > Network > Wi-Fi > Known Networks > eduroam > Configure >
    1. under "Subject Match" enter
    2. under "Domain suffix match" enter
    3. under "Identity" replace "" with
    4. Click Save
  14. Close the chrome:///net-internals/#chromeos ta
  15. Close the Minnesota State University Mankato-eduroam | Powered by SecureW2 tab
  16. Click on the battery and time area in the lower right-hand side of the screen
  17. Click on Settings (Gear icon)
  18. Click on the arrow to the right of Wi-Fi
  19. Click on the arrow to the right of Known networks
  20. Keep eduroam and remove all the following networks if they appear in this list by clicking on the right arrow and selecting Forget
    1. MavNET
    2. MavGUEST
  21. Click on eduroam
  22. Make sure the toggle on Prefer this network is slid to the right and is blue
  23. After you select eduroam, a pop up will appear – Remove the or at the bottom and replace with
  24. Click on Connect
  25. It will take about 4 seconds and it should say Connected
  26. Close the Settings window
  27. The eduroam Wi-Fi network is now setup on your computer


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