Yealink Desk Phone Installation


How do I install (cable) my new Yealink desk phone? 


Your new Yealink Desk Phone phone is now ready to use.

Before your Yealink phone is plugged in, you can use the Zoom softphone app to access all the phone features. If you feel comfortable making the switch over yourself, you may.

Switching from the Cisco phone to your new Yealink Desk Phone

  1. Looking at the back of the Cisco phone, unplug the network cable from the middle jack (labeled 10/100/1000 SW). This is the cable that connects to the network jack on the wall.
  2. Then, plug that network cable into the new Yealink phone’s Internet jack. The Yealink phone will then begin to power up.
  3. If there is a second network cable connected to the Cisco phone's right-hand jack (labeled 10/100/1000 PC), unplug that cable from your Cisco phone and plug that into your Yealink phone’s PC jack.
  4. Your Yealink phone has been installed and should be fully ready to use once it fully powers up.

Yealink Desk Phone Ports

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