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Cisco Unity Voicemail User Guide

Help 0 Cancel or back up to previous menu *   Check Messages from another Cisco VoIP phone on campus: Step 1 Dial

Can't see Faculty side of E-Services

:  Login using your StarID and Password. If it connects, then you should be seeing the faculty side of e-services.

MavPRINT Check Balance

pharos ... is $0.00, the description will turn to an “Arrears Balance. This is the balance that will be transferred to your University student account which you must pay at the end of the semester (if any). If

Reference Manual for Cisco IP Desk Phones, Models 7945 and 7965

cisco-phone ... + 800 or 500 + Phone Number International: 9 + 011 + Country Code + City Code + Local Phone Number (Cost: Varies) Information Calls: 9 + 1 + Area Code + 555-1212   LINE KEY Stacking

MNSU Mac Printers

printer ... Overview Before trying to add a network printer to a computer please make sure that permissions have been granted to that user for the desired network printer. Please contact the Service Desk to

ISRS Preferred Name

preferred-name ... Overview To change your preferred name in ISRS, follow the steps below.  Resolution Preferred name is stored in the ISRS table: V_SYSTEM_PREFERRED_NAME In Uniface the name change can be

Krypton: Set Password

Question How do I reset my Krypton account password? Overview Open a web browser. Navigate to Campus Account Settings. Log in using your StarID and StarID password

StarID Password Reset

password ... Question How do I reset my password? How do I reset my StarID password? Overview If you do not know your password, or your password is not working: Visit the website https

DVD Player Not Working

Question Why won't the DVD player work? Overview Verify you have selected DVD on the touch panel Verify the DVD player is turned on (You should see a blue light coming from the front of

Acceptable Use Policies

policy ... personal use. The network is shared by all students living in residence halls. Your network activity affects the network performance of others. Please be considerate. Examples of prohibited use

MavPRINT Mobile Printing

Overview How do I print in from a browser on my laptop, tablet, or phone? Where is the MavPRINT mobile website? Resolution How do I print from my Laptop? From a PC or Mac Laptop

Adobe - Change Your Password

password ... Question How do I change my password for signing into Adobe?  Overview Instructions for how to reset your Adobe password can be found on Adobe's website at: Learn how to reset a forgotten password or change your existing passwords. ( Request Help

Access Power BI in the Cloud

powerbi ... Question How do I access to Power BI in the cloud?  Overview In a web browser, navigate to MavMAIL Login using your StarID and password. Students, Alumni and Emeriti: YourStarID

MavPRINT Two-Sided Printing

printer ... Question Questions related to article here Overview MavPRINT will print on both sides of a sheet of paper by default. This is called two-side (duplex) printing.  If it isn't you can use the

User Account for Polleverywhere

polls ... Question How can I have a user account for Polleverywhere? Overview There are two types of accounts in Polleverywhere:   1- Teacher/Faculty account: This is the account that can