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Office Shared Computer Activation - Computers in Campus Computer Labs

computer-lab ... Question How do I activate Office 365 Pro Plus Shared Computer? Overview The steps below will need to be taken by everyone the first time using a computer in a campus computer lab with

Renting a IT Solutions Academic Computer Center Lab(s)

computer-lab ... Question How can I rent a IT Solutions computer lab? What does it cost to rent a computer lab? Overview Learning Space - Rental: IT Solutions will rent the Academic Computer Center labs

Student Adobe Access from Campus Computers

Process for students to access Adobe from a campus computer ... Question How can I access Adobe from a campus lab computer?  Overview Launch an Adobe Application from a campus computer Sign in with an adobe account from the Adobe login

Student Adobe Suite for on Campus Computers

Question Having trouble logging into Adobe in campus computer? Overview Launch an Adobe Application from a campus computer. Sign in with an adobe account from the Adobe login

Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 Student Labs

computer-lab ... account. Once you have an account, you can sign-in and use the software on any computer on campus that has it downloaded.   To get started, do one of the following: Use your existing Adobe account

Send Computers to 7700 France

computer ... Overview All computers to and from 7700 France Location will be sent through intercampus mail  NOTE: They must fit in the blue plastic USPS bin 1. Update ticket with location of computer and when it goes to the mail 2. Wrap and label computer 3. Place in intercampus mail

How to Image a Mac Computer

MavDISK/software 7. Install Jamf quick add 8. Approve MDM Profile 9. Log into self service with StarID and password 10. Do steps 1-4 under the staging tab

No Logon Servers New Windows Computer

Question I turned on my new Windows computer and it is not allowing me to login because there is no network/ WIFI ?  Overview To Connect to Network. Click the network icon located in

Activate StarID With Personal E-mail Address

activate ... sure record it somewhere personal and remember it. Your StarID will be used to log into MavMAIL, campus wireless, campus computers, D2L, e-services etc...   Password Requirements

Customer Request for Surplus Pickup From Their Office

Center with the asset tag number, location, and contact number of the requester. Keep the computer in a secure place such as your office or department office (Please do not put the computer in the

How to Connect to MavLABS

Question How do I connect to MavLABS? Overview MavLABS allows you to connect to a computer in the University Labs using Remote Desktop Connection. To connect to a specific computer related

MavPRINT Locations

Copy Shop   2nd Floor by Computer Lab ML Copy Shop   3rd Floor by Wall Computers ML Copy Shop

FlexSync Classroom: Use Share Screen to Improve Laptop Image Quality for Zoom Participants

with your Zoom meeting participants   Other Options in Share Screen To share your computer sound, select More, then select Share computer sound   To optimize for sharing

How to Install Office 365 for Students, Faculty, and Staff

install ... Windows Installer based Office programs installed on your computer, you may need to uninstall the older version of Microsoft Office on your computer. Click the Go online for additional help link at the bottom of the pop-up for more information about and how to resolve the error   Request Help

MATLAB - Install for Students

coursework and academic research. Minnesota State University Mankato offers a campus-wide license to MATLAB, Simulink, and companion toolboxes for free. Use this software on campus computers or