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Zoom App Not Updating

If Zoom app is not updating or you are not on the current version of Zoom, please follow these directions. ... zoom-phone ... Question My Zoom app is on an old version, how do I update it? My zoom app says it is up-to-date but it is not, how can I fix this?  Overview This article is intended for State Assets only

Zoom SSO Error

How to resolve a Zoom SSO error when attempting to log in with Star ID and password ... zoom ... If you receive one of these errors when logging into either or your zoom application on your device using your star ID and password:   There are a couple of

Transfer Call in Zoom Phone

zoom-phone ... Question How do I transfer calls? Can I set up a way to roll my calls?    Transfer methods You have access to three transfer methods on the Zoom Desktop Client and Mobile App: Warm

Check Voicemail on Zoom Phone

Easily check your voicemail on Zoom Phone ... zoom-phone ... Question How do I check my voicemail on Zoom Phone? How do I reset my voicemail pin?  Overview These document is intended for users to check their OWN voicemail or for users to check the

Zoom Phone Assistant Frozen

If zoon phone widget is frozen on your computer screen try the below steps   Reinstall via the CleanZoom install steps below and let us know how it goes:   To remove Zoom

Change Your Name On Zoom

Use this article to change your name on zoom. ... zoom-phone ... Question How can I change my name on Zoom?  Overview You can rename yourself on the Zoom clients and your account profile in Zoom to keep your name up to date across the platform. Change

Set Delegation Zoom Phone

zoomphone ... Question How can I set delegation in Zoom Phone?  Overview Follow these steps if you want to be a delegator and assign another phone user to make and receive calls on your behalf

Zoom Web Conferencing Solution

zoom ... Question What should I use for web conferencing?  Overview What is Zoom? Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool with a local, desktop client and a mobile app that allows users to

Accessibility Features in Zoom Phone

Accessibility options for Zoom Phone. This includes Live Transcription. ... zoom-phone ... Question Does Zoom Phone offer accessibility features? Overview Zoom Phone offers several accessibility features that people will find useful.  Live Transcript: Live transcript is

Call Blocking on Zoom Phone

Block and manage calls on Zoom Phone ... zoom-phone ... Within the Zoom app, Select the History tab. Right-click the inbound number or place cursor over the date/time stamp and select the three ellipses (more). Move the cursor over Block Number. Select

Zoom Phone International Calling Request

zoomphone ... Question How do I call internationally? Overview Please submit a ticket to IT using the button below to request international phone access and list every country you may need to call in the

Zoom Phone Voicemail Greeting Setup

zoom-phone ... Question How do I setup my voicemail greeting?   Overview With Zoom Phone, you can customize your voicemail greeting.  Zoom App: Sign in to the Zoom web portal. In the navigation

Using "Call Flip" Zoom Phone

zoomphone ... Question How can I answer a call on my desk phone and switch to my soft phone?  Overview How to initiate a call flip (originating device) Make or receive a call using the Zoom desktop

Zoom Phone - Call Queue Notifications

Zoom phone allows call queues to be managed with proper access. Admins can modify queue notifications through the portal. ... zoom-phone ... , mobile app, and desk phones. This setting also syncs with the identical desktop client and mobile app setting. Sign in to the Zoom web portal. In the navigation menu, click Phone System

Enable Live Transcription on Zoom Phone

zoom ... Question How do I enable live transcription in Zoom?  Overview Mobile App: Sign in to the Zoom desktop client. On the top right, click on your profile picture or name initials