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Android MavMAIL (Office 365) Setup

  Navigate to your Accounts and press Add Account Select Email and press Office 365 NOTE: If you do not see an option for Office 365, go into accounts from the Email app and add the account

Verification for Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication Not Sending

notifications to your mobile device.   Make sure you have a device signal and Internet connection Have someone call you and send a text message to you to make sure you

How to Use Traka Keybank

Question How do I use Traka Keybank?  Overview  Check out rings Present your MavCARD to the reader. You will hear a click and the door should unlock Identify the ring you are

MediaSpace - How to Access

Question How do I access MediaSpace? Overview Navigate to Login using your StarID and Password Request Help

How to Image a Mac Computer

Question How do I image a Mac? Overview 1.Boot TO USB (with Catalina on it) or Recovery 2. Erase Drive 3. Reinstall OS 4. Setup snimda account 5. Run updates for OS 6. Map

Send Computers to 7700 France

Overview All computers to and from 7700 France Location will be sent through intercampus mail  NOTE: They must fit in the blue plastic USPS bin 1. Update ticket with location of computer and when it goes to the mail 2. Wrap and label computer 3. Place in intercampus mail

Microsoft Teams - How to Create a Team

Question How can I create a Microsoft Team? Overview Note:  Microsoft Teams can only be created by employees (staff, faculty, & teaching graduate assistants.)    Teaching Graduate

University Communication Tools

A a comprehensive guide of resources to help University faculty and staff best communicate messages to their audience about emergencies, news, events, or other announcements. ... Question How do I communicate campus-wide messages? How do I share information with the campus audiences? What communications tools are available for marketing campaigns? Quick links

Add Pictures to Media in Tightrope

Question How do I add pictures to Media in Tightrope? Overview Via any web browser, log onto Front Door/Tightrope Once you have logged on, click Carousel Click Media Click Pictures

Azure Downloads Fails to Install

Question What can I do if my Azure download fails? Overview If you are experiencing issues with software downloading through Microsoft Azure Education, please contact Microsoft directly for

Turnitin®: How to Log in/Access

assignment folder, you can create a test folder within any semester course if it was held within the last year. You may want to use a course that is closed to students. Use this helpful guide to set

How to Update a State Asset Department

the computer is currently listed as its owner 3. Provide IT Solutions with the Make and Model of the computer, Asset Tag number, Serial Number 4. Provide IT Solutions with who and what department is this computer going to   Request Help

Adobe - Log Out and Login to Resolve Sign-In Issues

Question How can I resolve problems with signing in to use Adobe products?  Overview Make certain you are logged out of Adobe through Adobe Creative Cloud. Find Adobe Creative Cloud in

D2L Brightspace: Unable to Upload Documents

Question Why can't I upload documents to D2L Assignments? Overview There is a known issue with D2L Brightspace. If a document has a special character, like / or \ in the title, the user will

D2L Brightspace: Reply to Discussion Thread

Question How do I reply to a Discussion thread in D2L Brightspace? Overview To reply to a Discussion Thread in D2L Brightspace, read the steps below. -or- Watch this tutorial on how to