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Zoom: Change Waiting Room Settings to Allow Users to Bypass

Question How do I change the "Waiting Room" settings to allow MinnState users with your Meeting ID and Passcode to bypass the meeting "Waiting Room" ? Overview Begin by going to

Access to the Titanium Counseling Center Scheduling Software

How can I get access to the Titanium software used by the Counseling Center? ... Overview This artcile depicts how to gain access to Titanium Counseling Center Scheduling Software. Resolution 1.     Submit a Service Request by sending an email to

Respondus: Give a Student Special Access in Quizzes to opt out of Respondus

Note: Current University guidance from the Office of the Provost states, "please provide the following information to your students prior to the beginning of the semester and in your syllabus: Opt-out

What is the process for a user whose wireless is disabled due to infection?

-mail inbox when either malicious network traffic, data leakage, or else communication to known bad server was detected from their computer. Before Information Security can re-enable the client's

How to Access and Customize Buttons on Desk Phones (Yealink Zoom Phones)

Question How do I access line keys and customize them for my Zoom Phone?  Overview User this article to help you customize your speed dials or busy lamp field.  *Please note that

Turnitin: Turnitin Online Grading digital annotation tool in D2L Brightspace

Question What is Turnitin Online Grading? How do I set-up the Turnitin Online Grading digital annotation tool in D2L Brightspace Assignments? Overview The Turnitin Online Grading tool allows

D2L Brightspace: Add video or audio feedback to an Assignments submission

button. The video will upload and process. Give the video a title and click the Save and Embed button. Note: It is helpful to use the semester, course, and student name in the title. Wait for preview to load, then click Insert. Click the Publish or Update button.       Request Help

Using Firefox or Safari to embed LinkedIn Learning videos into D2L Brightspace

Using a work-around to enable Firefox or Safari to allow the embed Linkedin Learning feature in D2L Brightspace ... These are additional instructions for the procedures outlined in the Embedding LinkedIn Learning Videos in a D2L Brightspace Course knowledge article for those who wish to use Firefox or Safari

Office 365 Multi-factor Authentication Compatible Email Clients

2019 - Windows or Mac Outlook 365 - Windows/Mac Outlook 2016 - Windows or Mac Outlook App - Android or iOS Native Mail App - iOS 11 or later Mac Mail - Mac OS 10.14 or later Thunderbird 77.0b1 and later   Request Help

Turnitin: How to submit and view a Turnitin Similarity Report in D2L Brightspace Assignments (Students)

Question How do I submit and view my Turnitin Similarity Report in D2L Brightspace Assignments (Students). Overview NOTE: Your instructor has to enable Students to view the report in order

D2L Brightspace: Login to Office 365 Widget to Access MavMAIL, Outlook, Calendar and OneDrive

Question How do I access my MavMail, Outlook calendar, and OneDrive from D2L Brightspace? Overview The Office 365 widget on the D2L Brightspace homepage allows you to view your MavMail

FlexSync Classroom: Use Share Screen to Improve Laptop Image Quality for Zoom Participants

instructions) Sharing Instructions: 1. Retrieve the Sharing Key for your meeting. Tap the Zoom Touch Display to unhide this information. The sharing key will be 6 random letters   2

Multi-factor Authentication FAQ – International travel with no cell service

Android Phones iOS, Apple iPhones   When signing into Office 365, choose sign in another way   Select Use a verification code from my mobile app   Open the Microsoft

Search For Dell Individual Drivers

Overview This articles notes down the step-by-step procedure for searching and downloading individual dell drivers  Resolution Navigate to Dell's website, Select

Turn Off Automatic Teams Meeting

Microsoft created and turned-on a feature that automatically adds a Microsoft Teams meeting to all new meetings created in Outlook. If you would rather turn this feature off, follow these instructions. ... are using below and complete the steps to adjust your settings. Windows Mac Web Android iOS (iPhone/iPad) Credit/Reference Windows To turn off automatic online meetings in