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Enroll New iPhone in Multi-Factor Authentication

iphone ... Question I received or bought a new iPhone. How do I setup multi-factor authentication with it? Overview Steps below to enroll your iPhone in MFA On your iPhone, navigate to the App

Outlook - Copy Signature File and Quick Parts (Windows)

Question How do I copy my email signature file and quick parts?   Overview Close Outlook Because the Signatures folder is a hidden folder, the easiest way to open the folder is to go to

Find Media Access Control (MAC) address on PC

Question How do I find my MAC or physical address of my Network card on a PC from the command line in Windows 10? Overview Right-click the Windows button  in the lower left corner

Link Shortening: Accessing Statistics of Shortened Link

Question How do I check the statistics of a link I shortened using Overview Login to using your StarID and password Hover your pointer in the Actions box

Hardware Standards and Recommendations for Students

laptop or desktop computer to be enrolled in programs and courses. However, many students choose to bring them. Should you choose to do so, we would like to provide recommendations for hardware for

D2L Brightspace: Add video feedback to an Assignments submission

Question How can I provide video or audio feedback on an Assignment submission in D2L Brightspace? Overview First, create your video or audio feedback using the How to Kaltura Capture guide

D2L Brightspace: Linking LinkedIn Learning Videos

Question How do I link videos from LinkedIn Learning into D2L? Overview We strongly recommend that you add language in your syllabus or D2L course that directs students to create their

Remotely Find, Lock, or Erase your Android Device

Question How do I find my lost Android phone? Overview  To Remotely Find, Lock or Erase your Android Device   Go to and sign into your Google Account If you

Outlook - Share Your Calendar/Mailbox

Question How do I let someone else view my calendar? Overview Questions related to article here With Microsoft Outlook open, go to the menu bar at the top of the screen and choose

Shared Mailboxes Setup

window.  Click on Not Office365? Enter the information as requested. Method:  Username and Password Email Address:  The email address you want to connect to DOMAIN\username or

Outlook - Export Addresses from the Junk Email Filter Lists (Windows)

Question How do I export my Outlook Junk Email Filter lists?  Overview The Outlook Junk Email Filter checks the sender of every incoming message against lists of email addresses and Internet

Windows Printer Installation Verification

printer-install ... Question How do I check if my network printer is installed correctly on my windows machine?  Overview To request access to a network printer for a windows machine or PC, please contact the

Access Power BI in the Cloud

Question How do I access to Power BI in the cloud?  Overview In a web browser, navigate to MavMAIL Login using your StarID and password. Students, Alumni and Emeriti: YourStarID

Manually freeze/thaw machines in Deep Freeze

Overview How do I thaw a Deep Freeze machine?  What are the keyboard commands to thaw or freeze a Deep Freeze machine. Resolution Windows Log into the Windows. Press Ctrl, Alt

Zoom: Sign In on Chromebook

Question How do I use Zoom from a Chromebook? Overview Signing into and using Zoom: Zoom meetings can be accessed directly from a Zoom meeting invitation that has been sent to you