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Acceptable Use Policies

Question What is acceptable use consist of on MNSU Campus?  Overview The residence hall network is a shared resource designed for student access to the Internet for appropriate academic and

Captioning Media

videos will be placed into your MediaSpace site. This process enables you to share your videos in D2L while granting student access based on authenticated D2L access. Any copyrighted materials that

Record Voice Greetings for Zoom Phone

directions to record customize voice recorded voicemail greetings and other greetings if desired.  Go to Assets Library and select Add. Enter Asset Name, Category and Language.  IMPORTANT

Student Staff Accounts in Microsoft Office 365- Email, OneDrive and More

When you become a student, accounts are created for you in various systems based on your role as a student, such as in D2L and Office 365. These accounts give you privileges based on your status as a

eduroam Wi-Fi Network: Connect with a Chromebook (Chrome OS)

you want to save your password for future use. Download > It will say Loading Switch to the chrome:///net-internals/#chromeos tab Under "Import ONC File", Click on Choose File > Downloads

Adding and Managing Contacts

To add contacts that are not part of zoom phone yet, you must add the user as an external contact. ... organize contacts Besides meeting and chatting with contacts, you can also star important contacts, block, or delete them. If you want to get more detailed and precise with your sorting of contacts

How do I obtain a TechID, StarID, MavMAIL/email, and MavCARD for employees not hired by Minnesota State University, Mankato Human Resources (HR)?

Those that are employed or volunteer to work for The University but are not paid or hired by MSU-Mankato Human Resources and need to have access to University computer or door access need to obtain a ... like this: Please choose one of the bullet points and then select one of the "click here" links. It is very important to be sure you have no affiliations or been a member, as a student or

Quick Start Guide for Zoom Phone

in to place or receive calls.  Log In on Mac Log In on Windows 2. Watch these videos to get familiar with your phone: Zoom Phone App Tour (Softphone) Desk Phone Tour (Yealink

Create a New Bulletin on Carousel Digital Signage System

How do I import an image onto Carousel as a New Bulletin? ... Overview This article goes over how an individual may create a new bulletin on Carousel Digital Signage System Resolution 1.     From your desktop, open a Web Browser and go to http